Thursday, 22 September 2011

Come to sunny Blackpool..

.. home to the golden-mile, the Blackpool Tower and the soon-to-be installed 800 shale gas-wells, all courtesy of your friendly fracking industry. If it's good enough for the States, its good enough for the UK..

Green Opinion: Only fools will rush in to frack in the UK... new opinion-piece in EarthTimes.

World Rhino Day 2011 - the rhinos want their horns back!

Sad to see in the 21st century that we have to take a chainsaw to the splendid rhino's horn, just to stop  irrational myths and greed push them over the cliff of extinction. 

Down on the rhino ranch, dehorning now critical... article on EarthTimes

Monday, 12 September 2011

A small 'pop' in France, nothing to see here, just keep on walking....

News of the nuclear 'contretemps' in Marcoule‏ had heads spinning for a while.. but the nuclear apologists breathed easy pretty quickly. After all this was only an tragic (and fatal) accident in a nuclear waste processing plant, not a running power plant - so no danger of runaway nuclear PR problems here. For a nation relying on nuclear power for 75% of its electricity, there was no doubt a long collective sigh of Gallic relief.

But it will be interesting to see whether French public opinion starts to ebb with the post-Fukushima anti-nuclear tide - the margin of support for nuclear is there, no doubt. But only 55% remained in support of keeping nuclear after Japan's exploding power plant episode - against 42% who support the Green plan to ditch nuclear and go 'clean green' for France's energy needs.

That small pop could soon become a big bang in France's nuclear debate..

Chinese medicine cleaning up its act?

Some hopeful first signs from the traditional Chinese medicine community - and the start of hope for the endangered rhino. But will this message flow through to changing the attitudes of those who make use of TCM? That may need some more passion, and not just box-ticking,  from those at the top of the TCM tree.

New article in the EarthTimes... Rhino horn use slammed by Chinese traditional medicinal practitioners