Monday, 21 March 2011

Vernal Equinox - time to kick things off!

The sun is shinin', the grass is growin', and all around Mother Nature is bubblin' - so it's a perfect time to start my scribblin. This time of year is one of those reset buttons on the planetary clock; when the Earth crosses over into the summer side of her yearly arc round the Sun (well, that's if you're in the northern hemisphere!)

So time to cast eyes forward, and look forward to the verdant eruption of spring. And it does feel, after all of the dark days, political and real, that the world has seen over the winter, that now -- maybe -- the global village is going to witness a new flowering.

Exciting times, just a little bit  scary, but I'm an optimist, so let's hope people round the world can build up from the rotten edifice that has collapsed so dramatically in the Arab world -- and maybe in the minds of us apathetic lot in the West too.

I'll be posting odd'n' sods of new stories, ideas, and events on the environmental side of things -- ones that interest, excite or annoy me. Hopefully they'll do the same to some of you out there -- though probably not in the same proportion!

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